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Kasich Asks General Assembly to Convene in Wilmington for Annual State of the State Address

COLUMBUS - In his annual letter to the General Assembly requesting a joint session for his State of the State address, Governor John R. Kasich once again asked legislative leaders to take state government on the road, this time to Wilmington on Tuesday, February 24.

"The story of Wilmington is, in many ways, the story of Ohio. Hit with hard times and an unemployment rate of 14.4 percent just four years ago, the people of Wilmington and Clinton County came together and persevered, attracting new business, growing their economy and reducing unemployment to just 5.8 percent today. The governor is excited to highlight their story and recognize his partnership with the General Assembly by travelling to the district of the new Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger," said Rob Nichols, the governor's press secretary.

Since coming into office in 2011, Kasich has broken with the practice of previous governors by taking the State of the State address out of the Statehouse and to communities across Ohio, with previous addresses being given in Steubenville, Lima and Medina.