Press Releases


What They’re Saying: Ohio Department of Natural Resources MBR

Sam Speck, former ODNR Director: “Combining the Parks and Watercraft divisions carries the potential of better coordinating and thereby enhancing their respective services.”

Sean Logan, former ODNR Director: “Combining Parks and Watercraft into one division makes good sense. This decision will allow the department to reduce redundancies and deliver better customer service to visitors to Ohio’s waterways and state parks.”

Don Anderson, former ODNR Director: “This move to merge Parks and Watercraft just makes sense. By reducing the redundant costs incurred by the two divisions, ODNR can pave a way forward and smartly invest its resources into what really matters--the people of Ohio.”

David Mustine, former ODNR Director: “It is a logical solution which will allow Parks and Watercraft to accomplish their mission in a more effective way.”

Glen Cobb, former Chief of Ohio State Parks: “This is a simple, common sense move that directs dollars back to where they will have the most impact, bettering Ohio’s parks and watercraft facilities for the enjoyment of all.”

Rodger Norcross, former Chief of the Division of Watercraft: “Having officers available and prepared to patrol lakes and campsites as needed, with the flexibility to respond to incidents as they arise, will provide safer parks and waterways for all Ohioans.”  

Friends of Caesar Creek: “Friends of Caesar Creek supports the merger of Parks and Watercraft because we believe it will benefit the park users and those who enjoy the outdoors, furthering the missions of all the agencies involved with the care of our natural resources”

Rich Cochran, President and CEO, Western Reserve Land Conservancy: “The Land Conservancy supports ODNR’s efforts to create cost-savings and efficiencies in state government. Because of the existing overlap of these two divisions with 64 of 74 state parks having a lake, merging Parks and Watercraft will have resources that may be used to provide improved access to Ohio’s tremendous natural resources.“

Norman Skinner, Vice President, U.S.C.A: “As a member of the United States Canoeing Association, I would like to lend my support to the new bill that would partner Ohio’s divisions of Parks and Watercraft. I feel it is a common sense approach to better serving Ohio boaters and reducing costs.”