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What they're saying about Kasich's executive order to improve gun background checks in Ohio



Jay McDonald, Vice President of the Fraternal Order of Police

“On behalf of the 25,000 members of the Fraternal Order of Police, we applaud the effort to plug the gaps in the NICS system. These are people who already have been barred from handling, owning firearms, and we need to make sure that people who are not allowed to have them through existing rules are prevented from having them.”

Cindy Mollenkopf, President of the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association

“We need to do all we can to make our communities, schools, and law enforcement safe, by ensuring that background check databases are complete and accurate in a timely manner. The role of the clerks and the local entities are the critical frontline of all this information.”

Brandon K. Standley, Chief of Police – City of Bellefontaine, and President of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police

“We support this. It’s long overdue . . . We just hope that what action is ready to take place helps to prevent senseless acts of tragedy across the great state that we live in, play in, and work in.”

Joe Morbitzer, Chief of Police – City of Westerville

“I’d like to applaud the Governor, Criminal Justice Services (CJS), the Supreme Court, and Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) for what they’ve done so far to look at reducing gaps in the system. We all are aware that there are gaps, and any time we can reduce those, we will make the public more safe and our police officers a lot more safe.”

Chief Bruce Pijanowski, Chief of Police – City of Delaware

“On behalf of the OACP, I’d like to encourage everyone to support the Governor in this endeavor.”

Catholic Conference of Ohio

“The Catholic Conference of Ohio applauds Governor Kasich for issuing an executive order that will help achieve a more thorough reporting of convictions and sentencing records related to NICS compliance. This is one step in efforts to reduce gun violence in Ohio.”

Mark Barden, co-founder and managing director of Sandy Hook Promise

“Gun violence is preventable and we have real steps that all of our states can take now to keep our communities safe. We thank Governor Kasich for taking this action to improve reporting in the NICS database to ensure strong enforcement of our gun safety laws and stop tragedies before they happen. We look forward to continuing to work with the Governor and Ohio’s leaders to pass additional commonsense policies that will save lives.”