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Kasich Signs Nine Bills

COLUMBUS – Today Governor John R. Kasich signed the following bills into law:

  • Sub. H.B. 18 (Pelanda, Retherford) eliminates the requirement of holding a special election to fill a vacancy in a party nomination for the office of representative to Congress under certain circumstances; authorizes local elected officers that have levied a hotel lodging excise tax, or a designee of such officers, to simultaneously hold the position of officer or member of the board of trustees of a convention and visitors' bureau without constituting incompatible offices; and requires that, upon request, county auditors, municipal fiscal officers, and their employees must share lodging tax return information with the directors of convention and visitors' bureaus operating in their counties.
  • Sub. H.B. 95 (Hughes, Seitz) establishes an enhanced penalty for committing a moving violation while distracted if the distraction is a contributing factor to the commission of the violation and reenacts provisions of law that specified that certain electronic wireless communications device violations were allied offenses of similar import.
  • Sub. H.B. 168 (Stein) modifies duties of the Division of Real Estate in the Department of Commerce regarding cemetery registration, specifies cemetery owners must reasonably maintain cemeteries, establishes the Cemetery Grant Program, allows the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors to review and vote upon certain license suspensions by telephone, makes various other changes to the embalmers, funeral directors, and crematory licensing laws, and makes an appropriation.
  • Sub. H.B. 263 (Lanese) generally allows the owner of a retail food establishment or food service operation to allow dogs in an outdoor dining area of the establishment or operation.
  • Am. Sub. S.B. 66 (Eklund, Tavares) modifies criminal sentencing and corrections law by including the promotion of effective rehabilitation as a purpose of felony sentencing, removing the one-year minimum for presumptive fourth or fifth degree felony community control sanctions, modifying sanctions for a violation of a community control condition, modifying the manner of calculating confinement credits, modifying eligibility criteria and procedures for granting pre-trial diversion and intervention in lieu of conviction, making offenders convicted of certain multiple fourth or fifth degree felonies eligible for conviction record sealing, revising procedures for the Adult Parole Authority to grant a final release or terminate post-release control, and modifying the criteria for considering a prison term sanction for a post-release control violation; extends the State Highway Patrol's authority to enforce criminal laws to also apply to the Northeast Ohio Correctional Center; modifies the penalty for an employer's failure to remit state income taxes withheld from an employee; and authorizes the conveyance of state-owned real estate.
  • Am. S.B. 127 (LaRose) requires motor vehicle operators to take certain actions upon approaching a stationary waste collection vehicle collecting refuse on a roadside.
  • Am. Sub. S.B. 135 (LaRose) makes supplemental operating appropriations for the FY 2018-FY 2019 biennium and issues certificate of participation obligations to implement a voting machine and equipment acquisition program.
  • Sub. H.B. 123 (Koehler, Ashford) modifies the Short-Term Loan Act, specifies a minimum loan amount and duration for loans made under the Small Loan Law and General Loan Law, and limits the authority of credit services organizations to broker extensions of credit for buyers.
  • Sub. S.B. 239 (Dolan) modifies the law concerning regional councils of governments to clarify that a municipal corporation eligible to designate a tourism development district may designate more than one district, specifies that the American Law Institute's approved "Restatement of the Law, Liability Insurance" does not constitute the public policy of Ohio, designates a portion of U.S. Route 33 in Meigs County as the "Steve Story Memorial Highway," designates a portion of Interstate Route 270 in Franklin County as the "Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering Memorial Highway," and designates the portion of U.S. Route 24 in Henry County as the "Henry County Veterans Highway."