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Canton Broadband Expansion

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted has issued the below statement following the announcement that Agile Network, in collaboration with RADWIN and Facebook, will be providing the City of Canton with a Fixed Wireless Access solution that will address the bandwidth and telecommunications infrastructure challenges in micropolitan areas. The system will enable rapid and cost-effective access to high-speed connectivity between 10 and 100 times faster than their existing connections. The following may be directly attributed to the Lt. Governor:

“Facebook and Agile are bringing a new technology into the world that advances our ability to connect people to information and to each other in a more robust and cost-effective way.

“The fact that this is happening in Canton is a strategic advantage for the city and our state. Through our InnovateOhio efforts, we hope to expand this across Ohio to connect people to high-speed internet who have previously been left behind.”