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Executive Order 2019-14D

Creating the InnovateOhio Advisory Board

WHEREAS, technology is changing the way we live and the economy in which we work; and

WHEREAS, the people and states that successfully adapt to that technological change will be the ones that prosper and the states who do not will fall behind; and

WHEREAS, in response to technological changes, the General Assembly created an InnovateOhio Office to address technology, talent, and investment; and

WHEREAS, InnovateOhio is about how we make state government a more effective and efficient leader in using technology, talent, and investment to improve customer service, save Ohio tax dollars, and help Ohio prosper; and

WHEREAS, an Advisory Board of Ohio business and technology leaders and creative entrepreneurs is needed to advise the Administration, Office of  InnovateOhio and State departments, agencies, boards, commissions and officers on improving customer service and the efficiency and quality of public services utilizing technology.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mike DeWine, Governor of the State of Ohio, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of this State do hereby order and direct that: 

  1. The InnovateOhio Advisory Board (the “Board”) is hereby established and shall advise Office of InnovateOhio on utilizing the newest technology and innovation to improve customer service in State departments, agencies, boards, and commissions. This will improve the efficiency and quality of public service, saving both time and tax dollars – which will benefit every Ohioan.
  2. The Board shall also focus its efforts to help make Ohio a state that attracts talent, business, and new investment.
  3. The Board shall consist of individuals who have extensive experience in their respective fields, are committed to the principles and procedures of their discipline and work together developing ideas as well as sharing and exchanging knowledge. The Director of InnovateOhio (the “Director”) will appoint the Board members and determine the number of members. All members will serve at the Director’s pleasure.
  4. The Director will appoint Board members to an Executive Committee and will designate a member to serve as the Chairperson of both the Board and the Executive Committee.  The Director will also appoint the members of any subcommittees and designate the Chairperson of any subcommittee.  A quorum shall be a simple majority of the members appointed.  
  5. The Board shall consist of subcommittees with expertise in emerging technologies.
  6. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation.
  7. The Board will submit, actionable recommendations to the Director and InnovateOhio Office. These recommendations should include, but are not limited to, how State departments, agencies, boards, commissions and officers can improve customer service and the efficiency and quality of public services utilizing technology.  The Board and its members shall have no role in procurement or the selection of services or products, but shall review and advise on the current developments in technology and innovation.  Service on this Board is not intended to provide any member with any advantage or benefit regarding any potential contract with the State. 
  8. The Board shall meet no less than quarterly to access and provide guidance to the work to carry out the recommendations.
  9. The Director of the InnovateOhio Office shall provide policy guidance to the appropriate State departments, agencies, boards, commissions and officers on how to best implement the objectives of this Executive Order and any particular recommendations from the Board's reports.
  10. The State departments, agencies, boards, commissions, and officers shall cooperate and provide the necessary assistance required by the Board, or any member or representative thereof, in the performance of their duties.

I signed this Executive Order on April 19, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio and it will not expire unless it is rescinded.


Mike DeWine, Governor



Frank LaRose, Secretary of State