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Governor DeWine Signs Bills Into Law; and Vetoes Bill

(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the following bills into law today. 

Senate Bill 33, sponsored by Senator Frank Hoagland, modifies criminal and civil law for critical infrastructure damage. 

Senate Bill 140, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker, permits concealed carry of non-weapon knives, and revises weapons law. 

House Bill 665, sponsored by Representatives Don Jones and Shane Wilkin, addresses agricultural societies and amusement ride safety. Governor DeWine issued the following statement: 

"Although I disagree with components of this legislation, I have signed the bill because Section 4 could not go into effect otherwise. This is a critical component for Ohio's county and state fairs."

Additionally, Governor DeWine vetoed Senate Bill 375. Senate Bill 375, sponsored by Senators Frank Hoagland and Tim Schaffer, voids a Director of Health order regarding county fairs (veto message).