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Technology is changing everything about the way we live, the way we learn, and the way we work. If we successfully adapt to that change, we can propel a new generation of prosperity. Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Jon Husted, InnovateOhio is advancing the DeWine Administration’s commitment to leading an aggressive, innovative path towards a better and stronger Ohio.

Customer Experience

InnovateOhio’s mission is to look at every state service with an eye on the customer’s experience. Our team is looking at the customer’s journey – your journey through different interactions with the state– to find ways Ohio can serve its customers better and at a lower cost.

Using technology to lift all Ohioans

Using technology, we can transform Ohio’s communities and bring opportunity for growth to parts of the state that have fallen behind – both in our urban centers and our rural communities. That is why one of InnovateOhio’s projects is to help develop a statewide broadband strategy to improve access to high-speed internet.

Streamlining Ohio

InnovateOhio is assembling a platform for use across state government to drive more shared services among agencies to save taxpayer dollars. InnovateOhio will also develop a statewide strategy to improve information and data sharing techniques across agencies, boards, and commissions.