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Military Members and Their Families

More than 800,000 veterans and military retirees, active-duty personnel, reservists, and National Guard members reside in Ohio, and new opportunities are constantly being created and developed to make the Buckeye State an ideal place for military members and their families to thrive.

“We want the Department of Defense to always recognize that Ohio will welcome and support our military, and that they can confidently place new missions in Ohio because our policies and our talented workforce will ensure success. Ohio is the BEST state in the Nation for our military and their families.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

The state's commitment to the men, women, and families in uniform has a long history, and we are building on that foundation today to make resources more visible and accessible. Providing an all-encompassing resource for military members and their families will help them access all the opportunities Ohio has to offer including information on Purple Star Schools, reciprocity licenses, growing our federal and defense installations, and much more.

Work in Governor DeWine's Administration

Governor DeWine's Cabinet-level Military Liaison

“I promised that when I became Governor, I would create a cabinet-level military liaison who would report directly to me on our vitally important military bases across the state.” -Governor DeWine

The Governor’s Senior Advisor for Aerospace and Defense

  • Protects Ohio’s military and aerospace installations, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and NASA Glenn Research Center.
  • Reports directly to the Governor.
  • Identifies and seeks growth opportunities for the state’s military and aerospace installations, and promotes defense industry economic development.
  • Works with Military and Veterans Liaison to advance the quality of life for service members and their families.

Growth in this Administration

Throughout this Administration, Ohio has been able to build long-lasting partnerships that will allow the state to remain a leader in the aerospace sector.

Expanding Our Military and Federal Installations

“Just as Ohio led the way into the Aviation age of the early 20th Century and the Space age of the later 20th Century, so will Ohio, and a new generation of Ohioans, lead this nation into the Aerospace age of the 21st Century.” -Governor DeWine 

  • Ohio's aerospace and defense division encompasses 110,900 jobs, makes up 5.9% of Ohio's economy, and generates over $39.9 billion in economic impact.

  • The Buckeye State is home to the 5th largest National Guard in the nation and the 2nd largest Air Guard

  • Wright-Patterson remains largest single site employer in the state of Ohio

    • Selected to be the home to the National Space Intelligence Center (NSIC)
    • National Air and Space Intelligence Center secured $182 million in military construction funds
    • Home to the United States Air Force Research and Development and Air and Space Intelligence Center
    • Employs over 33,000 people and has a $16 billion impact
    • HQ Largest aircraft holding company in the world
  • Springfield ANGB growing synergies Advanced Air Mobility programs

    • Fly/Drive Ohio won NASA Advanced Air Mobility National Challenge Grant at Springfield
    • NASA is working to establish future Artemis Landing Systems Training office at Springfield
  • Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (Lima Tank Plant) grows in tank production

    • 33 M1A2 tanks per month which is at a high, with additional foreign military sales
    • Workforce of more than 900 on site 
  • Preserve, Protect, Defend, and Expand the Federal Aerospace and Defense Installations

  • Increase the Research Portfolio and State-wide Synergies of Ohio’s National-Level Laboratories

  • Mansfield ANGB wins new, advanced Cyber Warfare mission

    • Older C-130Hs retired (with community support) to be replaced by Cyber Warfare Wing
  • NASA Glenn Growth

    • Ultra-high profile Orion spacecraft testing at Plum Brook (Now Armstrong Test Facility)
    • Gained Agency leadership authority for nuclear/electric propulsion
    • Gained Agency leadership authority for Surface Fission programs

Legislation Governor DeWine has Signed

  • Signed HB 16: In-state college tuition to active-duty military service members and dependents.
  • Signed HB 18: Exempts disability severance payments of honorably discharged veterans from tax.
  • Signed HB 92: Require specified reporting of child abuse in military families.
  • Signed SB 7: Reciprocity licensing to military and dependents licensed in another state.
  • Signed SB 77: Designates June 12 as "Women Veterans' Day."
  • The Governor has signed into law specific priority Secretary of Defense initiatives:
    • Interstate compacts for Physical Therapy (SB 5)
    • Interstate Compact for Occupational Therapy (SB 7)
    • Interstate Compact for Psychology licensure (SB 2)
    • Interstate Nurse Compact (SB 3)
    • Interstate Compact for Audiology/Speech-Language Pathology (HB 252)
  • Signed HB 244: Educational opportunities/enrollment military kids – allows active-duty military parents/guardians to enroll children in school district, community schools and STEM schools once orders of relocation have been received.


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