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Boards and Commissions Term Expirations for 2019

January 14, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Board/Commission Expiration Date
Ohio Historic Site Preservation Advisory Board 1/14
Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board 1/15
North Central State College Board of Trustees 1/16
Edison State Community College Board of Trustees 1/17
Co-op/Internship Program Advisory Committee 1/21
Dentist Loan Repayment Advisory Board 1/28
Ohio Tuition Trust Authority Investment Board 1/30
Waterways Safety Council 1/30
Banking Commission 1/31
Ohio Housing Finance Agency 1/31
Ohio Thoroughbred Race Fund Advisory Council 1/31
Technical Advisory Council on Oil and Gas 1/31

Ohio AMBER Alert Advisory Committee 2/6
Board of Tax Appeals 2/8
Liquor Control Commission 2/8
State Personnel Board of Review 2/8
Ohio Casino Control Commission 2/21
Unemployment Compensation Review Commission 2/26
Forestry Advisory Council 2/27
Miami University Board of Trustees 2/28

Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation Board of Trustees 3/5
Commercial Dog Breeding Advisory Board 3/12
Third Frontier Advisory Board 3/14
State Medical Board 3/18
State Speech and Hearing Professionals Board 3/22
State Vision Professionals Board 3/22
Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board 3/31
State Racing Commission 3/31

Third Frontier Commission 4/1
State Dental Board 4/6
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio 4/10
Ohio Commission on Service and Volunteerism 4/21
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board 4/22
Marion Technical College Board of Trustees 4/29
Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board 4/29
Youngstown State University Board of Trustees 4/30

Cleveland State University Board of Trustees 5/1
Belmont College Board of Trustees 5/12
Ohio University Board of Trustees 5/13
The Ohio State University Board of Trustees 5/13
University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees 5/13
New Americans Advisory Committee 5/14
Kent State University Board of Trustees 5/16
Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees 5/17
Board of Executives of Long-term Services and Supports 5/27
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Council 6/1
Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation 6/2
State Council of Uniform State Laws 6/5
Bureau of Workers' Compensation Board of Directors 6/11
Ohio History Connection Board of Trustees 6/26
Reclamation Commission 6/28
Northeast Ohio Medical University Board of Trustees 6/29
Transportation Review Advisory Council 6/29
Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors 6/30
Broadcast Educational Media Commission 6/30
Central State University Board of Trustees 6/30
Early Intervention Services Advisory Council 6/30
Industrial Commission of Ohio 6/30
Ohio Air Quality Development Authority 6/30
Ohio Real Estate Commission 6/30
Ohio Retirement Study Council 6/30
Ohio Soil and Water Conservation Commission 6/30
Ohio Standardbred Development Commission 6/30
Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission 6/30
Ohio Water Development Authority 6/30
Public Benefits Advisory Board 6/30
Real Estate Appraiser Board 6/30
Shawnee State University Board of Trustees 6/30
State Board of Pharmacy 6/30
Wright State University Board of Trustees 6/30

Materials Management Advisory Council 7/1
Ohio Arts Council 7/1
Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission 7/1
University of Akron Board of Trustees 7/1
University of Toledo Board of Trustees 7/1
Children’s Trust Fund Board 7/2
JobsOhio Board of Directors 7/5
Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board 7/10
Medical Quality Foundation Board 7/20
Ohio Civil Rights Commission 7/28
Ohio Commission on Fatherhood 7/30
Small Business Stationary Source Technical and Environmental Compliance Assistance Council 7/30
Motor Vehicle Salvage Dealer's Board 7/31
Zane State College Board of Trustees 7/31

Regional Economic Development Alliance Study Committee 8/1
Stark State College of Technology Board of Trustees 8/1
State Lottery Commission 8/1
Ohio Criminal Sentencing Commission 8/21
Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board 8/27
Columbus State Community College Board of Trustees 8/31
James A. Rhodes State College Board of Trustees 8/31

Ohio Lake Erie Commission 9/1
Commission on Minority Health 9/2
Ohio Athletic Commission 9/2
Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission 9/3
Radiation Advisory Council 9/6
Board of Trustees of the Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Association 9/15
Ohio Fair Plan Underwriting Association Board of Governors 9/18
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission 9/20
Northeast Ohio Medical University Board of Trustees 9/21
Credit Union Council 9/22
State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Surveyors 9/24
TourismOhio Advisory Board 9/27
Oil and Gas Leasing Commission 9/29
Central Ohio Technical College Board of Trustees 9/30
Minority Development Financing Advisory Board 9/30

Environmental Education Council 10/1
Ohio Architects Board 10/2
Motor Vehicle Dealers Board 10/4
State Board of Psychology 10/4
Commission on Hispanic-Latino Affairs 10/7
New African Immigrants Commission 10/7
State Auctioneers Commission 10/9
Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board 10/10
Great Lakes Protection Fund Board 10/10
Board of Building Appeals 10/13
Board of Building Standards 10/13
Oil and Gas Commission 10/14
Eastern Gateway Community College Board of Trustees 10/16
Accountancy Board 10/20
Industrial Commission Nominating Council 10/20
Ohio Rail Development Commission 10/20
Ohio Humanities Council 10/30
State Cosmetology and Barber Board 10/31

State Chiropractic Board 11/1
State Fire Council 11/1
Ohio Landscape Architects Board 11/9
State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services 11/12
State Board of Career Colleges and Schools 11/20
Ohio Advisory Council for Aging 11/21

Chemical Dependency Professionals Board 12/23
Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission 12/30
Board of Nursing 12/31
Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee 12/31
Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council 12/31
Ohio War Orphans Scholarship Board 12/31
Sewage Treatment System Technical Advisory Committee 12/31
State Veterinary Medical Licensing Board 12/31
Underground Technical Committee 12/31

This expiration list is subject to change and is for future vacancies only.