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Cabinet Room at the Ohio Statehouse

Stephanie McCloud

Director of the Department of Health

Stephanie McCloud

In November 2020, Governor DeWine appointed Stephanie McCloud to serve in the Department of Health’s highest administrative and managerial role as it carries out its vitally important health functions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As director, McCloud’s priorities will include advancing the health and well-being of all Ohioans and addressing inequities that lead to disparities in health outcomes, all while overseeing Ohio’s COVID-19 pandemic response and vaccine distribution.

With significant experience in both the public and private sectors, Stephanie McCloud previously served as the Administrator/CEO of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) for nearly two years. Under her leadership, BWC ensured the availability and delivery of medical prevention and treatment for Ohio’s 5.7 million-person workforce. Additionally, the bureau engaged in the prevention of substance use disorders through the Substance Use Recovery Program, drug disposal system, and a tightening of the drug formulary.

With considerable experience in mental health and addiction treatment, McCloud has spent over 12 years on the board of Maryhaven, one of central Ohio’s oldest and most comprehensive behavioral health care providers. Additionally, she has spent six years on the board for Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage & Family Therapists, where she dealt with licensing issues, as well as regulating and drafting the rules for Ohio’s mental health clinicians.

McCloud has extensive leadership experience as a private practicing attorney, as well as a Staff Attorney at BWC. She also served the administration of Gov. George Voinovich as Assistant Deputy Legal Counsel, and held a number of senior positions in the Attorney General’s Office, including Chief Counsel and Senior Deputy Attorney General.

From 2018 to 2019, McCloud served as a Truro Township Trustee, where she oversaw the emergency medical and fire services provided to 28,000 residents, which includes about 7,500 service runs per year.

McCloud earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University and a Juris Doctor from Capital University Law School.