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The Cabinet Room in the Ohio Statehouse

Mary Mertz

Director of the Department of Natural Resources

Mary MertzMary Mertz was the First Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General Mike DeWine where she oversaw both the legal and administrative operations of the office. She has extensive legal experience in both the private and public sectors. Prior to her appointment at the Attorney General's Office, Mertz practiced law at a large, multi-national law firm.

Mertz also served as chief of staff to Mike DeWine while he was Lt. Governor; as the legislative director for Congressman Bob McEwen; in the office of legislative affairs in the White House; and worked with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, while working for Ohio Gov. George V. Voinovich. Mertz is an avid sailor and outdoorsperson.

THE OHIO DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES owns and manages over 590,000 acres of land including 74 state parks, 21 state forests, 136 state nature preserves, and 117 wildlife areas. The department also has jurisdiction over more than 120,000 acres of inland waters, 7,000 miles of streams, 481 miles of the Ohio River, and over 2 million acres of Lake Erie. The department also licenses all hunting, fishing, and watercraft in the state, among other responsibilities.